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Bullet Mold Station, Klondike ’14


Erik O, Chris J, Eric B, Eric K & Mr. Kocsis staffed the Bullet Mold Station at HW’s Klondike 2014.  Under a pop up canopy in the woods near the Range, and in extreme winter weather, T-75′s Klondike Staff shared casting secrets and showed participants how to cast their own .485 caliber rounds. Participants cast at least two lead “balls” which they then took to the Range and fired from one of the Troop .50 caliber black powder  ”Hawkins” rifles.

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Black Powder Shoot, Klondike ’14

Klondike Shoot - Group Shot 2

Once again, Troop 75 ran the Bullet Mold and Black Powder Shoot for the Headwaters District Klondike.  Temperatures were low, snow was heavy at times, but everyone had fun.  Thanks to the Scouts and BP Instructors from Troop 75 for bringing this event to all in attendance.  The station was so busy all day that we could only find the time to take a picture of the last group of shooters for the day.

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Valerie The Velociraptor Debuts at Webelos Woods

Valerie at WWs with Staff

Troop 75 Scouts ran the Shooting Sports Stations (Static Display/Safety, Archery, Air Rifle & Valerie) at Headwaters Webelos Woods October 4~6, 2013 at Camp Stigwandish.  Thanks to a Grant from the Nat’l Willd Turkey Federation (NWTF)  the Troop acquired this “Exotic” archery target from Rhinehart Targets

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Troop Shooting Sports Camp Out a Success & Webelos Woods Shooting Sports Coming Up

Solon Rifle Camp Out
The Troop had another successful Shooting Sports Camp Out hosted by the Solon Sportsman Association at their range facilities in Ashtabula. Troop members will, once again, run the Shooting Sports events at the upcoming Webleos Woods at Camp Stigwandish on the weekend of October 4th.

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VFW Flag Retirement: Veteran’s Park Sunday 9/8 @ 11:00AM

The Troop has been asked to join the VFW at Veteran’s Park this coming Sunday.  Scouts should arrive at Veteran’s Park 11am to help set up and be in full Class A’s.  Expect to be there for approximately 3-4 hours.

UPDATE: Here are a few pictures from the ceremony.  Those scouts that attended did a fantastic job retiring a large number of flags and the VFW Post was very appreciative of our scouts assistance.  Click on the pictures to see full size images.






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Troop Meeting – Tuesday June 18

The June 18 Meeting will be held at 7:30 at Morton Pool – 9325 Rosemary Ln Mentor, OH 44060. Please note the time (our meetings are normally at 7:00).

Scouts attending summer camp can take their swim test and should wear their Class B shirts and swimwear.

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New and Improved

Hi Everyone. As you have noticed, the website was down for a bit after it was hacked by some folks with nothing better to do. Thankfully, we have been able to slowly restore most of the functionality and content that was available in the past. We’ll continue to work on that, but I would encourage that if you have suggestions for improvement, you share them with the troop boy or adult leadership.

On the bright side, the interruption forced us to change some things. The format of the new site is more conducive to hand-held computing devices. You should be able to access the entire site from your iWhatever, or your droid device as long as you can get to the site itself.

Another positive, we have changed the calendar functionality. We are still working out the kinks, but you should now be able to subscribe or add the calendar to your personal calendars. We are using Google Calendar, so if you have a Gmail account, you can find instructions on how to add the calendar here If you have a ios (apple) device, you should look here.

This will allow us to have the boy leadership more involved in directly managing the calendar information, with the possibility that the leadership team will be able to update the calendar during PLC meetings (so long as our wireless router in the church is cooperating).

We will work to update/add content as time goes by, so again, please share your suggestions with troop leadership.



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Our Website…

As you have probably noticed, our website looks different today. The site was hacked recently, which caused a bit of trouble for our administrator, and has been a major inconvenience for our members and their families. We have taken steps to protect the site from this sort of attack in the future, and are in the process of updating some features to be a little more user friendly. Look for an updated calendar page by Sunday, and continued refinements inthe coming weeks.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to Frank McGee for working to get things back up and running.

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The Care and Feeding of Troop Equipment

The Scout Law calls for scouts to be thrifty.  Our troop lives that requirement in many ways, including diligent care of troop equipment.

Many new scouts and their parents may not be aware of the methods they should follow for cleaning tents, coolers, and other equipment after a campout.  Tents can be particularly challenging, as they represent a substantial investment (some of our tents retail for more than $250).

The troop resources page includes a handy document that outlines the scouts responsibility when caring for equipment troop equipment.  Follow the link to learn more about  The Care of Troop Equipment.

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Scout Sunday is Sunday, February 3!

Scout Sunday is February 3.  

ALL Scouts, regardless of religious affiliation are expected to attend our Sponsor Church on Scout Sunday.  We will likely be serving donuts following each of the Masses (8am, 10am, Noon) and presenting the Colors & readings at 10am Mass.  This is also a great time for Scouts to get things signed off and have Scout Mater Conferences between the Mass/Donut times.

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Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Troop Mtg – 7pm
Troop Mtg – 7pm
Feb 3 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
1st Aid Carries & Splints – Presenters tba
2:00 am Scout Sunday: 7am – 1:30pm
Scout Sunday: 7am – 1:30pm
Feb 8 @ 2:00 am – 8:30 am
Scouts will be in Class A’s, set up & man static displays and serve donuts following all Masses: 8, 10 & Noon.  Scouts will attend 10Am Mass (regardless of faith) and process in, do readings (2) and Cubs will present
7:00 pm Troop Mtg – 7pm
Troop Mtg – 7pm
Feb 10 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
1st Aid Kits – Best Hiking 1st Aid Kit Competition & Prize!
5:30 pm Holden Arboretum Cabin & Outdoor...
Holden Arboretum Cabin & Outdoor...
Feb 13 @ 5:30 pm – Feb 15 @ 11:30 am
Location: Ben’s Cabin in Holden Arboretum off of Baldwin Rd. in Kirtland Hills.  Events will include outdoor Winter hiking, back packing & camping skills.
7:00 pm Troop Mtg – 7pm
Troop Mtg – 7pm
Feb 17 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
1st Aid Patrol Relays
all-day 2nd Summer Camp Payment ($75~$10...
2nd Summer Camp Payment ($75~$10...
Mar 24 – Mar 25 all-day
Blue Ridge Mtn Scout Reservation in VA, is one of the most popular Summer Camp programs available and, as a result, they have a very early, and strict deposit/payment schedule.  In order to secure both Scout & Parent at Blue
5:30 pm Kendall Cliffs Rock Climbing & M...
Kendall Cliffs Rock Climbing & M...
Mar 27 @ 5:30 pm – Mar 29 @ 11:30 am
Location: Kendal Cliffs, Appalachian Outfitters & Camp Manatoc: Basswood Cabin & Adirondack.   Troop will rock climb at the Kendall Cliffs Rock Gym, Camp at Manatoc and engage in other activities including an introduction to camp gear at Appalachian Outfitters
6:00 pm P-75 Crossing/ B&G
P-75 Crossing/ B&G
Apr 18 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
William O. to cross (parents: Chris & Julie O) & maybe 1-2 more
all-day Final Summer Camp Payment Due!
Final Summer Camp Payment Due!
May 26 – May 27 all-day
Blue Ridge Mtn Scout Reservation in VA, is one of the most popular Summer Camp programs available and, as a result, they have a very early, and strict deposit/payment schedule.  In order to secure both Scout & Parent at Blue
5:30 pm New Scout Camp Out – Camp Stigwa...
New Scout Camp Out – Camp Stigwa...
May 29 @ 5:30 pm – May 31 @ 11:30 am
Location: Camp Stigwandish, Madison, Ohio – Grand River Site.  New Scouts will learn basic Scout, Camp, Cooking, Team Building & Safety Skills at the Mtg’s leading up to this camp out and then demonstrate these skills at the camp out.
9:00 am Likely Early Departure for Summe...
Likely Early Departure for Summe...
Jul 11 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 am
In all likelihood, because of the 7 hr. drive to this camp, the Troop will depart a day early on Saturday, July 11th, as the camp allows Troops driving as far away as we are to arrive the day before.  Access
5:00 am Summer Camp – Blue Ridge Reserva...
Summer Camp – Blue Ridge Reserva...
Jul 12 @ 5:00 am – Jul 18 @ 6:30 am
The Troop will attend Summer Camp at Blue Ridge Reservation, Camp Powhatan: 2600 Max Creek Road, Hiwassee, Virginia  24347 For map of camp and directions, see: https://bsa-brmc.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/pow%20map%2009b.pdf For video & more information on Camp Powhatan, see: https://bsa-brmc.org/powhatan The “New River Adventure

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